Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Moisture Surveys and Thermography

Meridian works with restoration companies to verify the extent of water intrusion and determines the most appropriate approach to drying a structure while providing expertise in the overall recovery effort. If necessary, Meridian provides state-of-the-art thermal imaging to identify and assess potential unknown damage and provide a better understanding of the loss and scope of work needed for a complete restoration project.

Mold Consulting

Meridian has vast experience in mold remediation projects and is licensed in Texas as a Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC 1045). Additional training in remediation and the technical aspects of mold remediation positions Meridian to provide the same operational expertise and ability to insure mold remediation projects are completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Vital Records / Documents / Books

We receive, transmit and retain the majority of our information on our computer hard drives, microfilm, microfiche, CD's, digital images and other media. But today, we still consider paper documents as the vital link throughout all types of businesses and government. Once vital records, whether they are financial, medical, legal, educational, research or corporate, are damaged by water, fire, vandalism or natural disasters, it becomes critical to recover these records in a timely manner, by technically qualified vendors along with nationally competitive pricing.

The Meridian Difference is not theoretical in nature. It is the hands-on experience in successfully eliminating costly pitfalls of document loss, and focus on what is recoverable in the least amount of time.  Here are a few considerations in a document loss:

  • Prioritize recoverable/non-recoverable vital records prior to a loss.
  • Pre-qualify your document recovery vendor.
  • Determine specific contract rates for packing records, drying, cleaning, special handling, shipping and security.
  • Familiarize yourself with costs for document packing, special handling for drying, etc.